Copenhagen's new reading party for children

read the press photo216. March the children's literature festival "We <3 books" opens the doors and invites Copenhagen children and their adults inside at the Copenhagen Libraries for nine days reading party

Copenhagen's brand new festival for children's literature, "We <3 books", is launched on Saturday at all the libraries in the city. The theme 'Fantastic tales' is run from the 16. March over 24 events for families with families, day care institutions, schools and professional professionals.

The festival is arranged by the Copenhagen Libraries and is aimed at children aged 2-12 and their adults. Children's reading enthusiasm and enthusiasm is the focal point of the festival, where a number of the country's largest children's book authors will read from and tell about their works, and that will be possible to explore a multitude of workshops, book talks, theater performances and screenings.

"Literature is a strong card in the meeting between children and culture. The communities in the literature are many and different, we can both be together or separately to dive into a good book, whether or not we are torn off by the sci-fi stories of distant galaxies or become wiser of the wildlife in the rainforests, so I am also very proud that this year we can for the first time welcome We <3 Books, "says Mayor Franciska Rosenkilde (Å).

Festival leader Tanne Søndertoft also welcomes the premiere and the opportunities that the festival holds:
“I hope it will be a great party with lots of enthusiasm and good reading experiences. We celebrate the good children's literature, fantastic stories, and good reading experiences for children. The festival will stimulate reading enthusiasm. It is not just the purpose of the festival, but also the strategy we work from at the Copenhagen Libraries. Early and sustained language stimulation enhances children's learning ability, which benefits them in school. It is a task we as libraries like to support in the children's area. ”

Readathon with accommodation
At Østerbro Library, from Friday 15 will be held. March afternoon to Saturday morning Readathons for children from 10 years up. There are happenings, night quiz with flashlights, prizes for those that really match most questions, bookshops, movie shows (with literary works), pizza, lemonade and breakfast on Saturday morning. Along the way, the number of pages each participant has read is counted, and at certain times we are skipping between the participating libraries in Copenhagen to see how the reading goes.
Østerbro Library Friday the XNUM. March from kl. 15 to Saturday morning at. 16

Lene Kaaberbøl
Also at Østerbro Library you can meet Denmark's large, international fantasy queen in interviews with two young girls from the podcast YAS. And then it's also Lene's birthday, so maybe not something special will happen to this event?
Østerbro Library, Sunday the XNUM. March at. 24-11

Flemming Quist Møller tells fairy tales
Experience the legend, the artist, the writer Flemming Quist Møller tell fairy tales for children and childish souls Copenhagen Main Library, Sunday the XNUM. March at. 17-11

Meet the nominees for the Ministry of Culture's children's literature awards
The reading party celebrates all the nominees for this year's illustrator and author prices. The main library offers a glass of wine and a snack and the nominees tell everyone about themselves, their work and the work for which they are nominated.
Copenhagen's Main Library, Tuesday the XNUM. March at. 19-19
( Lene Kaaberbøl is interviewed by the YAS - Young Adult girls behind the library podcast

Facts about the children's literature festival We <3 books
We <3 books are Copenhagen's new children's literature festival organized by the Copenhagen Libraries. In 2019, the festival is held for the first time with over 170 events over 9 days in March. We <3 books focus on celebrating the literature and reading enthusiasm in children and contributing to good reading experiences.
The festival is aimed at children and families with children up to 12 years, day care institutions, schools and professional professionals. The program headlines seven fantastic narrators: Lene Kaaberbøl, Kim Fupz Aakeson, Josefine Ottesen, Kenneth Bøgh Andersen, Jan Kjær, Jennifer Bell and Adam O. everyone will tell alive about their books, characters and characters in addition to drawing and involving the audience. These seven authors and many more can be experienced around the Copenhagen Libraries during the festival.
Where: At all Copenhagen Libraries, see the overview of the libraries here:
When: 16.-24. March
How: Free admission to most events. For payment arrangements, prices and ticket bookings are available or on facebook / vielskerboegerkkb
Instagram: @vielskerboeger


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