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tobias fc nordhavn 0091FC Nordhavn is very soon ready to invite to football on the building site in Calaisgade. The club expects the gravel path to be built this month

• FC Nordhavn had, through Culture Østerbro, received an offer from a contractor who a few weeks ago jumped off. This means that FC Nordhavn now has to get out and get gravel, fences etc., and find a contractor for the project.
But the dream of football in the Århusgade quarter comes true very soon.
"We have not yet found a contractor. But I hope we are ready in March," says Tobias Schiermacher, president of FC Nordhavn.

Elite Players
FC Nordhavn was founded in 2017 by a group of friends at the age of 20. Most have played elite football for many years, but wanted to step down a bit.
"Several of us have been busy with jobs or studies, and then maybe you get a little tired of training at the top level every day, without being sure to be put on the team at the weekend. Now we play more for fun. high level and we will still win, "says Tobias Schier-macher.
Today, FC Nordhavn has three senior teams who train and play home games at Ryparken Stadium. In winter, futsal is played, and here the team is at the forefront of the final round for promotion to the country's second best row.

fc nordhavn logoLocal club for everyone
As you know, the soccer field becomes temporary, for the time being until summer, when it is planned to start a construction. For the same reason, FC Nordhavn does not invest in artificial turf or rolling grass.
But the gravel path nevertheless becomes the club's first track in the actual Nordhavn, and it must be utilized optimally. Both children, young people and seniors of both sexes must be invited down to ball games in Calaisgade, so that the club can become Nordhavn's real, local football club.
"As soon as the pitch is here and the goals are set up, we will invite the entire district down to football. We are ready with coaches who can start the first child and youth team. If a group of ladies or gentlemen wants to start a senior team, We are also ready for it. We will be a club from the youngest to the oldest ".
Although the first training facility becomes simple and temporary, the club has great plans for the future.
"In the short term, of course, we will do everything possible to find a new temporary path in Nordhavn, in cooperation with Kultur Ø in Østerbro and City & Harbor. When we first get a child and youth department up, it will be clear, that the need for a local course is there ".

Permanent plant
At the same time, the club is looking for a place where it can establish a permanent training facility, or at least a facility that can remain for some years.
"There is plenty of room for it further out on Nordhavn. But unfortunately we must not run an association for children and young people outside inner Nordhavn. This is due to the lack of local plans and secure traffic connections."
"There is otherwise a perfect ground out at Sundkrogsgade, where there is already grass ... But if we can get another empty building plot near the Århusgade district, it will also be perfect. We can move the gravel path and the container in a short time . "

fc nordhavn futsalFutsal at CIS
In addition to the outdoor course in Calaisgade, FC Nordhavn has now been given indoor playtime in one of the sports halls at Copenhagen International School (CIS), in the evening Monday and Wednesday. However, only after 19.
"It is a wonderfully lovely hall and we would very much like to do child and youth training there. But it may be a little late for the little ones when we can get to after 19."

Exciting playoffs
The young and former elite players at FC Nordhavn's first team are now close to qualifying for the country's second best row in Futsal (indoor football).
"We are going to play the playoff match on Saturday against FH Sat A. If we win this match, we must play the final match 16 March," says Tobias.
The three senior teams start the outdoor season at 29. March, and have subsequent matches every weekend.
"Besides that, we also have some important hit-or-fall matches in the qualification for the DBU Poker Tournament, where last year we reached all the way to 3 round. Unfortunately, we lost to the Danish series team Fremad Valby at Valby Stadium".
Nordhavn Avis will in the future bring match results and positions for FC Nordhavn.
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