Rebellion of the Bedtime stories!

bedtime storiesBedtime stories are always lovely moments where parents and kids bond. A nice soothing voice accompanies the child into dreams. Interactive reading at the library next sunday

But what about all those characters that never see the light, what about all the times in which the boy or girl is fast asleep and they never reach the end of their story?
This is the rebellion of those characters, eager to come alive with different voices, kissed by daylight.

Rebellion of the Bedtime stories! is an interactive reading for children age 3-9 that will collect different (little and longer) stories,
some from tradition and some unedited, for a fun experience in discovering more than a single novel and to encourage daytime reading in children or all ages.

If the gap in the age group is very large between 3 year and 9 year old, this formula has been picked to have many smaller stories (narrower attention span), together with a common thread that will make for a whole story , divided into different chapters for those that are old enough to follow a 1 hour performance.

The interactive reading is performed by Ddi4kids and is part of the Copenhagen Libraries Children's Literature Festival We love books and Family Club.

Rebellion of the Bedtime stories!
Where: Øbro Jagtvej Library, Jagtvej 227, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Third floor conference room
When: Sunday March 24 at


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