Sing and Sign

baby rhythm photo mats lindgrenUsing signs with babies is a way to focus on eye contact, on connecting with the baby, and on being present and tune to the baby's cues and signals. Now you can learn this in Øbro-Hallen

Once the baby can sign back, it will mean much for her / him to be understood - there will be less frustration than the baby will be able to tell the parents what he / she needs. Sing and Sign is UK's most popular baby signing classes and they are now coming to Øbro-Hallen in the new baby activity room.

It will be 10 weeks of music and songs - and baby signs - with the teacher Maya Hagemann and her companion Jessie Cat. It is an opportunity for extra social time with the baby while learning lots of useful signs - so the participants will be able to communicate with their babies before they can talk.

The group will sing traditional nursery rhymes as well as songs written especially for the course. Everybody signs in the songs related to the first words of a baby's world. Nappies and bathtime, hiding games and bedtime. There is a song about everything and babies love to hear them.

Apart from singing and playing instruments, props and pictures will be used - and Jessie Cat loves to get a cuddle. It is supposed to be a relaxed, enjoyable way for parents and babies to learn.

Signing is also a useful tool for multilingual families as the signs can become the bridge between the different languages ​​spoken at home.

Photo: Mats Lindgren.

What: Sing and Sign
Who: Babies 612 months and their parents

Where: Øbro-Hallen Amazonas (baby activity room at 1st floor), Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
When: Tuesdays April 2 to June 18 2019 - 13.30
Tickets: 950 DKK for 10 sessions, including an audio CD with many of the songs from class. Get in touch with Maya if you would like to know about session sessions. Book and find further information here


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