Empty room is visited by an artist

sore cowfoed artistSandkaj 19 has long had an empty room on the ground floor. Now an artist has come to Nordhavn, and that is Søren Koefoed.

In fact, he comes all the way from the Grønsted area, but since his mother lives in Nordhavn, he heard about the vacant room.
"She asked the owner if I had to rent me, and I think it can generate some energy that I am here," says Søren Koefoed.
He is a sculptor and works in everything from granite to stoneware and the 3D-printed PLA, which is a bio-friendly plastic material, just as he also draws and paints. Right now, it is especially yoga figures in 3D print that he does, and when they are made, he draws them subsequently.
Yoga is one of his own great passions, which he often cultivates on a high level.
In fact, Søren Koefoed works in all materials that fall into him: "I think all materials are interesting with their limitations and possibilities".

Inspiration from nature in Græsted
Currently, he is most concerned with the relationship between animals, people and technology, and that is what the sales exhibition at Sandkaj is all about.
But the inspiration comes from home.
"I moved in the countryside in 1994, because I wanted to go out in nature and find my authentic expression as an artist. When you have to, it is important to live peacefully, and nature is my eternal inspiration," says Søren Koefoed, who hopes that see many customers at the sales exhibition in Nordhavn.

The exhibition is open on Wednesday at. 15 - 19 and Saturday at. 11 - X. There is held a 'mid-term reception' Friday 15. May at. 10 - X. The exhibition's last day will be Thursday 17. May.
It is planned that the last week of the pop-up gallery until 31. May to show works by artist Inge-Lise Koefoed (f. 1939).
This period will start with a Friday Friday 23. May at 17 - XNUM.
See many of the works on instagram.com/sorenkoef.

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