conditag lueders crossfitIn the coming weekend 25. - XNUM. May in Nordhavn becomes a manifestation of the town's sustainability, with two days of activities. Among many others, you can experience driverless buses, city nature walks, sushi chefs school, balcony box course, crossfit training, debates, organic food and much more.

The bus (almost) without driver
Denmark's first driverless bus will soon be put into operation on public roads. Namely in the Århusgade district, where the route through the neighborhood has already been fixed.
In a few months, the company Autonomous Mobility expects the authorities to get the bus into service.
self-propelled bus on truckTwo buses are ready in a garage in Pakhus 53 at Sundmolen. The other bus arrived at another truck, which was seen in Århusgade. A total of four buses may be inserted in the district.
"It will be really exciting to bring the self-propelled buses into the neighborhood, and we look forward to being the leader in this area," says Brian Petersen, board member of G / F Århusgadeekarteret, who has helped to plan the bus route. Mobility has worked for a long time planning the project and producing the application material for the Road Directorate. The driverless buses can find their way into traffic by using cameras and sensors.
However, according to, a security problem has arisen, which may mean that the buses will be monitored by an operator who can intervene and take control of the bus with a joystick.
According to department head of public transport at Cowi, Jens Groth Lorentzen, the self-propelled buses are not yet ready to run at a so-called SAE4 level, where the bus can run without a person on board ready to intervene.

Green up our city
The workshop is facilitated by Arkkiddos, a group that creates architecture workshops for children, to inspire and nurture their love for design and architecture. Because of architectural concepts can be a little abstract for children, Arkkiddos focus on introducing these concepts, making the workshops playful and fun for the children, whilst encouraging them to be creative and active with their hands as well.
The workshop will give children a gentle introduction as to how architecture relates to a sustainable city. There will be lots of activity to keep creative little fingers busy - drawing, coloring in, cutting and pasting as children consider elements such as recycling bins, greenhouses, windmills and solar panels. Plenty of opportunities for children to get creative and playful.
Every contribution will form part of a meaningful joint collage masterpiece.
Introducing sustainability and architecture as a concept is important. However, it is complex and it can be tricky, especially in today's highly commercialized, buy-and-throw-away society. As a broad concept, sustainability is about reducing the impact that we leave behind, and leaving more for future generations.
To celebrate Nordhavn as an inspirational sustainable city, the completed work can be used as an exhibition piece for the event. Our idea is to make this workshop a joint community project, with children (and their families) contributing to the same piece of paper, expressing their collective aspirations of a sustainable city.
Green up your city - architecture workshop for children. With ArkiKiddos. Time: Saturday kl. 10.30-12.30. Place: Harbor Culture Office. Århusgade 126.

Co_temporary in the red city
The empty rooms in the red city are not empty. Although the buildings will soon be renovated and remodeled, art and design communities have been allowed to romp on the premises temporarily. This applies, for example. Adorno - Curated Collectible Design and Co_temporary, which exhibits and sells contemporary international art, sustainable design and craftsmanship.
co temporary openingCo_temporary Designer Store is run by designers who are curated under the premise that sustainability must go hand in hand with both beautiful and accessible design.
The place is a relatively new combination of creative community in Denmark with working studios and exhibition and sale of design. Inspiration comes among other things. from A / D / O / in Brooklyn, New York.
At Sustainable Weekend in Nordhavn you can, for example. both experience a Danish / Mexican exhibition, a Designer-Driven Space with selected sustainable brands and Open Workshop by the artist Mie Olise.
Co-temporary Designer Store.
Århusgade 120. Both days at. 11-16.

The business life is also included
LETZ SUSHI invites you to sushi lessons with a focus on the good taste. The cooking school is for everyone - whether you've tried it before, or whether it's the first time you stand with raw fish in your hand.
letz sushi cooking schoolYou will learn how to make inside-out rolls, large and small maki and nigiri. In addition, you get knowledge about sushi rice, how to prepare vegetables, how to handle fish and how to serve sushi in the traditional way. Letz Sushi's professional chefs are responsible for teaching. You will work with the best raw materials such as MSC and ASC certified fish, organic rice and you will want to make sushi with a Nordic twist. Letz Sushi works with well-known fish, as well as challenges with Danish caught fish, served in untraditional ways.
One will also help prepare the ingredients such as filleting and cutting of fish, preparing vegetables. Everyone is welcome - children and adults of all ages.
The course takes approx. 1 hours. Place: Bordeaux Street 2, 2150 Copenhagen. Time: Saturday and Sunday from 12.00
Registration via link at

PLANT KBH fills the corner of Århusgade with green plants, jars and seeds. The balconies must be made clear so that it can germinate and grow green on the roofs and between the buildings.

mads tomatomatYou can get tips and tricks to plant your plants in balcony boxes and see the latest trends in botany. At a workshop you can make your own Plant Plan with Kaja Skytte. Mads behind Tagtomaten invites you to a workshop focusing on cool and beautiful plants that can survive in Nordhavn's wind and sea breezes. There will be small stands where you can buy plants, plant accessories, grouse sets, etc. To celebrate a green day, PLANT KBH provides free 100 cuttings. Dj Anne Grave plays summer beats. Location: Århusgade 132. Time: Saturday at. 11.00-16.00

MENY Supermarket offers Saturday at eg. tasting on organic gin at. 12-16. Menu also has a visit by the Organic Society with tasting on noodle salad with grilled organic open-air pork chop, as well as organic vegetables. There is an eco-net for the first 50 guests at the stand at. 10-18. Free organic cut-even herbs from Rosborg. Tasting of sustainable superfood from Nordisk Tang. Tasting on organic red wine at. 12-16.
Sunday: Free Danish organic seedling herbs from Rosborg, in the fruit & vegetable department. Tasting on organic red wine at. 12-16. Free organic land for the balcony box - and tips and tricks for maintaining it. Bring your own balcony box. MENU provides everything you need for plants and soil. Free organic land for the first visitors. Location: MENU Supermarket, Southamptongade 2. Time: Saturday and Sunday at. 10-16

The seasons keep the vegetable market in front of the store. Location: Gothenburg Square 14. Time: Saturday and Sunday at. 10X.
Hand pain offers a talk with the designer Emil Thorup behind Handkerk. Both days Rebel offers organic drinks at. 13-16. Time: 10XNUM Saturday and Sunday. Location: Århusgade 16a.
Clean Bicycle comes and makes the bike ready. Book in advance at Time: Saturday. Location: Nordhavn v. Portland Towers
Ice sells organic nitrogen ice. Time: 11XNUM Saturday and Sunday. Location: Gothenburg Square.
ItchBox Studio shows its pop-up design and re-design workshop for large children, teens and young people who have an interest in recycling, design and socializing. Location: Århusgade 126A, 1. sole
There is also the Mini POP-UP Design market with Yndi, Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt (only Saturday), Bo Tyrrestrup Design, Anna Bauer Andersen, Little Mighty & Mint, Tiny Gardens, Focus Calendar. Location: Århusgade 136. Both days at. 11-16.

himmeloghav161More Activities:
City & Harbor Exhibition Sky and Sea! has home ground floor in the Silo. In the exhibition you can get an insight into the basic thoughts and visions for the development Nordhavn and read about the sustainable initiatives in the district. Here are both overview maps, architectural models, stories from residents and old photographs. Visit the exhibition Sky & Sea! Organizer: City & Harbor Kl. 10-X NUMBER Saturday and 17-X Sunday. Helsinkigade 10

For Sustainable weekend you can experience the nature of Nordhavn close by, when the Environmental Point Østerbro and the builder Jann Kuusiaari invite to city nature hiking at Nordhavnstippen. The tour starts at. 13 at the Harbor Culture Office at Århusgade 126 and together the participants cycle there. It ends again in the Århusgade quarter around noon. 16 - remember the bike and sign up. Bynatur walk on Nordhavnstippen. Organizer: MiljøPunkt Østerbro. Saturday at. 13-16. The harbor culture office, Århusgade 126

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects holds Open House during Sustainable weekend in the remodeled Warehouse 48 for a refreshment and a tour of the studio where you can hear about sustainable projects. Open house at Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. Organizer: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. Sunday at. 14-16. Swim 153

Lendager Group holds an open design studio and tells about sustainable construction and recycling of materials from innovation to production. Organizer: Lendager Group. Both days at. 11-14. Sundkaj 11, Warehouse 48

Join us on a guided tour of Nordhavn and hear about the recycling of the old buildings, green transport, energy-friendly solutions, a sustainable commercial life, cleaning of rainwater and much more. The tour starts in the exhibition Sky and Sea! pm. 10 Sunday.

Local residents have planned garbage collection in and around the Århusgade district. The garbage collection will take place on Saturday. Come and help keep city and harbor clean. Garbage Collection. Saturday at. 10-13. The green corner, Århusgade 131.

ArkiKiddos invites children to the workshop Green up your city, which gives an introduction to how architecture and a sustainable city are connected. There will be activities for creative small hands - drawing, coloring, cutting and lots of glue - while the kids get an insight into recycled containers, greenhouses, windmills and solar panels. Each child's contribution will be included in a meaningful joint collage. Green up your city - architecture workshop for children. Organizer: ArkiKiddos. Saturday at. 10.30-12.30. Harbor Cultural Office.

neighboring bridge station 0092 2The neighboring station has activities for both large and small, where one can learn more about recycling. Take on treasure hunting or play sorting games. Join in the swap circle and switch to new recycling. Use the workshop where you can find bike tools, air pumps and bicycle oil. In the workshop it is also possible to make other small repairs of defective objects.
Sunday in the reusable sign at the Close-up Station. Organizer: Technology and Environmental Administration. Sunday at. 10.00. Nordhavn's neighboring station, Helsinkigade 16.00

In Nordhavn's own EnergyLab you can Meet a researcher and become wiser on the future energy system or participate in the debate on how new energy communities can make one's energy consumption more sustainable in the future. Open house in EnergyLab Nordhavn's showroom. Organizer: EnergyLab Nordhavn. Both days at. 11-15. Swim 7, 2. hall, warehouse 47.

Guided tour in Nordhavn with the energy partnership EnergyLab Nordhavn, which tests new technology in Denmark's largest test laboratory. Guided tour. Saturday at. 11.00. Meeting place: Heaven and sea !, Helsinkigade 29

Take a walk with a researcher in Nordhavn and become aware of why Nordhavn is Denmark's largest energy test laboratory. Sunday at. 11.00. Heaven and sea !, sanctuary 29

energylabnordhavn showroomEnergyLab Nordhavn holds a TALK on Sunday on the green energy transformation and the UN's world goal for sustainability. Here one can discuss with one of the project experts how new energy communities can make one's own energy consumption more sustainable in the future. TALK: Green transition and energy communities. Organizer: EnergyLab Nordhavn. Sunday at. 13.00. Sundmolen, Sundkaj 7 2. hall, warehouse 47.

What do urban communities mean and how can a urban development company contribute to promoting communities between residents in new urban areas? This is the subject of a TALK with City and Harbor CEO Anne Skovbro, anthropologist and researcher Marie Stender and Partner and Creative Director of Briq group, Peter Bur Andersen.
How can urban communities be supported in an early development phase of a new city district, and why it is important to work strategically with communities. Who is responsible for promoting the communities? What type of communities exist in Nordhavn, and how have they emerged?
TALK: City life and communities. Organizer: City & Harbor. Saturday at. 13.00. The Audo, Århusgade 130.

Full program:


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