The kayak club lacks space for the kayaks

kayak club 1For three years, Nordhavn has had its own kayak club, and the members have flocked to it. But where should all the kayaks lie?

It could have ended up like the chicken and the egg, because in the beginning Kajakklubben Nordhavn couldn't get any members because it had no kayaks. But there were no kayaks because there were no members to pay the dues. Fortunately, all this is history today three years later, when the club thrives on its best with its now 240 members. At the head is Thomas Bonde, who admits blankly that he does not have much experience in rowing kayaks.
"I never actually sat in a kayak when I started the club," he says with a laugh "when Nordhavn Avis meets him on a Saturday morning at Original Coffee.
But he had sailed a lot, and then he wanted to help build something up in Nordhavn, as he says.
It became a kayak club, which was already one of them already, for the Swan was there.
"But we would like to focus even broader and also have children with and make stand-up paddleboard training. In fact, we would like to be a club for everything that has to do with the water," he says.

thomas bonde kayaklub 2Room for loan
To day, Thomas Bonde sits in a finance company, but in his spare time he has now thrown himself over the kayak, which he quickly became good at. In addition, he spends a lot of time figuring out something as low-practical as where the club's kayaks should lie and rest when they are not in the water.
"Right now we have borrowed some space out here, he says, pointing to the green containers of the sailing clubs at the end of Sandkaj, where a couple of the club's kayaks are located."
But it is not enough, because ideally a kayak club has one kayak per four members, and with a little quick bill, you quickly find that there are not enough kayaks in the Nordhavn club.
And then we are back to the chicken and the egg.
"The number of members is governed by the number of kayaks and it is again controlled by the storage options. It is actually the storage problem that I spend the most time on," he says.
Nevertheless, he hopes that the members will continue to enter the club because, unlike so many other clubs, there is no membership in Nordhavn. And if all goes well, there is a floating clubhouse this summer in the harbor basin.

On course
When you join Kajakklub Nordhavn, you get a weekend course, which is mandatory unless you are already experienced and certified, and it is the club's own instructors who make sure that all new members are able to save themselves from the water if it goes wrong.
"But we would also like to have many other courses in, for example, engineering, and how to make a Greenlandic turnaround," says Thomas Bonde.
He himself teaches in a stand-up paddleboard for children, because he would like to have both children and their parents in the club.
But there is also room for many other types of members.
"We have surf skiing for the more action-like types, and then we also have some ladies who come and take a trip in the kayaks once a month and row out to the little mermaid and back again and have an everlasting trip out of it."

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