Messy building activity for floating activity house

the floating activity house works onlineBy & Havn strives to establish a new, floating activity house as smooth as possible. But parts of Gothenburg Square will be the construction site during the summer

• The construction work in connection with the floating activity house at Sandkaj will soon start. The activity house itself is being built at Prøvestenen in Copenhagen. Here, the sub-elements are constructed, after which they are sailed to Sandkaj and assembled.
The activity house, however, needs connection of electricity, water and sewage, and this work will mean that during periods there will be areas around Sandkaj that are blocked.
According to the plan, the construction work will start 8. April where there is temporarily blocked off on the east side of Gothenburg Square. At the same time, electrical work will also take place on the western side of Gothenburg Plads, where a smaller area will also be closed off.
From mid-May to mid-August, a larger area central to Gothenburg Square will be closed. According to By & Havn, the bathing zone will be kept open during the entire construction period, so there can be bathed all summer from Sandkaj. However, the bathing zone will be moved a little further up the Sandkaj at some point.
The activity house is scheduled to be ready for use in late summer 2019.

Follow the work on Nordhavn facebook page.

the floating activity house construction works


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