Dead race in elections to ward council

his own churchTwo lists shared in the election for Hans Egege's church parish.

• Up to several of his residents, Nordhavn gets into the new ward council for Hans Egedes Church Church. It shows the count of votes for the ward council election, which took place on Tuesday 19. March.
The election's result was that the new 'parish list' got 71 votes. The second list named 'The Progressive List' got 65 votes. 1 voice was blank. 5 votes were invalid. The distribution of votes means that each list gets 5 mandates in the new ward council.
The fighting election comes after long-standing internal problems in the ward. Hans Egedes Kirke does not have a working priest, since the permanent pastor has had leave for twelve years. The parish council has employed a large number of temporary clergymen on short contracts. The organist has resigned and two other employees are or have been long-term sick.
There is no confirmation team this year, and the church book and person registration is handled by another church.

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Will look forward
Two of the candidates on the new parish list are Malene Franklen and Selma Ranghamar from Nordhavn.
"Something has not worked optimally in Hans Egege's Church. Now there will be new forces and new eyes," they said to Nordhavn Newspaper 7. March.
The new list will work to raise awareness of the church among Nordhavn's residents. And be involved in the planning of a possible new church in Nordhavn.
Selma Ranghamar will also work as a farmer in the Faroese congregation in Denmark, which has just been established in the parish church, Hans Egege's Church in Vardegade.


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