The work is resumed in Marmorbyen

marble towns 0118Negotiations with the client who regretted have been completed, so that earthworks in the marble town can be completed. Aarsleff resumes work as soon as possible, and is finished in November.

• Last year, a construction site and roadblocks on marble road were established, because the company PwC had entered into an agreement with By & Havn to build a new domicile first at Marmormolen. In this connection, some wires in the ground had to be re-laid, as well as a ramp for the p-cellar.
But in the fall, the work suddenly stopped, because PwC abruptly terminated the agreement. Since then, By & Havn has negotiated with PwC the conditions for taking over the construction work.

Last week, the parties entered into an agreement, and City &% Harbor is now entering into a turnkey contract with Aarsleff, which will be responsible for resuming and completing the initiated project. By & Havn expects the project to be completed in November 2019.

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Work begins when the municipality gives the necessary permits.
"While the work is on, we will do our best to ensure an appropriate traffic settlement for pedestrians, bicycles and cars," writes By & Havn on the Facebook page Nordhavnen.
Residents of Marmorby have several times asked By & Havn whether or not you could at least reestablish pavement and bicycle path on Marmorvej in a possible. temporary solution. But the contractor Aarsleff has advised against this for safety reasons. The residents have also requested that the connection at the quay and out to Gittervej be opened to soft road users again. It is not currently known whether this wish is met.


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