Chaotic transformation

expected 1642Residents in Nordhavn got something of a surprise, as the City of Copenhagen and HOFOR at the beginning of March suddenly closed the heavily trafficked Kalkbrænderihavnsgade in the evening and night hours.

HOFOR is digging a large pipe below the intersection at Sundkrogsgade. This is a new and larger rainwater drainage from Østerbro and out into the harbor. A work area has been made in the middle of Kalkbrænderihavnsgade. Here night and weekend work will take place in the southwest corner of the junction. Left turn towards Vordingborggade is not possible. Initially, all motorists were supposed to go between 7am and 6pm. 18 and 06 run a detour via "Trælleborggade, Corksgade, Southamptonsgade, Helsinkisgade and Sundkrogsgade" as stated in the message from HOFOR (sic) ....

Road tracks reopened
After a few days, the complaints began to build up, including at By & Havn, which, however, has nothing to do with the work. But By & Havn has approached the City of Copenhagen to discuss some changes in road reconstruction. And they have now come:
In the period from 9 am 19 to 06, a single track just out in the northbound direction will now be open on Kalkbrænderihavnsgade. In the south, both tracks are open.
It will still not be possible to turn left or right from Kalkbrænderihavnsgade to Sundkrogsgade. Local traffic to Nordhavn must run via Trelleborggade, Corkgade, Southamptongade, Helsinkigade and Sundkrogsgade. Since you do not have to turn left to Trelleborggade, if you come from the north, HOFOR recommends that you drive to Marmorvej, turn the car and drive back towards Trelleborggade south.
The shifts will last until 30. April. Questions about road conversion must be made to the City of Copenhagen, which is the road authority.


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