Slower ambulances in Copenhagen

niels e bjerrumIt was with great concern that I was able to read two articles last month which tells that the Capital Region has the slowest ambulances.
You could also read that the response time at the emergency services in Copenhagen had more than doubled after the emergency preparedness in the Capital Region took over responsibility for ambulance operations.
It worries me a lot as a parliamentary candidate, as a local politician in Copenhagen, but mostly as a citizen of our lovely capital. I go to the election to be the strong voice that the capital lacks in the parliament, and of course I will work for that to find a solution.
This is also why I have initially asked questions about our Health and Career Mayor in Copenhagen about what her attitude is to this great deterioration for the capital's citizens.
It can in no way be true that Copenhageners must have such deteriorating conditions because the City of Copenhagen's emergency preparedness has taken over the task from the municipalities, which is not acceptable.


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