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nordhavn aerial viewNordhavn Avis is a district newspaper for all residents, companies and institutions in Nordhavn and neighboring districts.

We wish to enter into close, long-term cooperation with shops, companies, institutions and others who are already working on developing Nordhavn to the capital's best district.

Nordhavn Avis is published by the district newspapers, which for 12 years have been an active participant in the development of Ørestad at Amager. Another new district that has benefited greatly from a neighborhood newspaper where all kinds of information, frustrations, attitudes and new ideas have been allowed to flourish. We do the same in Nordhavn. And we look forward to developing urban life with you as a partner in the future of Nordhavn.
Here are some information for you as a partner with Nordhavn Newspaper:

Release Days 2019: We will be 20 times in 2019. See the release plan below.

Publication plan NOH

Deadline for creatives is always on Monday before the release date at 12. Send to ad (at)

Distribution: Town newspapers. Our own messenger distributes the newspaper on Thursday and Friday.

The newspaper can also be picked up here: Copenhagen City Hall, City & Harbor Nordre Toldbod 7, MENY Nordhavn, Southamptongade 2.

Circulation: About 2.800 and rising
Number of pages: 12-28
Paper quality: 52 gram white
Pressure: Nordvestsjællands Trykkeri in Holbæk


Zip code 2150 Nordhavn. Marble town. America Square. Dampfærgevej. Langelinie. Østerbro between Østbanegade and Strandboulevarden.

Reader Profile: Nordhavn is a new district. The migrants are mainly from other districts in the City of Copenhagen. Singles, families with children and couples live in Nordhavn. The average household income is relatively high. Most live in owner-occupied homes. Many foreigners live here, so there will be articles in English in the newspaper and in the online newspaper.

Advertising in newspaper and website:
Nordhavn Avis is happy to send offers on the desired formats and periods. We charge no color surcharge and no administration fees. All prices excl. VAT. Write or call for more information at ad (at) or phone 31 15 30 40. Advertising must be completed (pdf) on Monday at 12 three days before distribution. Below is an overview of prices and ad formats:

Base prices per column graph:
0 - 200 mm: 3,00 kr.
201 - 800 mm: 2,68 kr.
801 - 2190 mm: 2,20 kr.

Discount prices for div. fixed formats:
2 sp. x 100 mm: 540,00 kr.
3 sp. x 175 mm (1 / 4 page) 1200,00 kr.
3 sp. x 365 mm (1 / 2 side vertical) 2000,00 kr.
6 sp. x 175 mm (1 / 2 side horizontal bottom) 2300,00 kr.
6 sp. x 365 mm (1 / 1 page) 3600,00 kr.

Supplement for special placements:
Frontpage: 100%. Page 3, 5, back: 25%. Right side other: 10%.
Site rankings must be booked in the week before the deadline.

Repeating Discounts:
3-5 Impressions: 10%
6-9 Impressions: 15%
10-22 Impressions: 20%
23 Impressions (1 Years): 30%
There is no repeat discount on the front and back.


We offer three different banner placements:
Top: Next to the newspaper logo. 500x90 px. In rotation with other banners. All pages.
Right: On the right side of the first / top screen. 250x250 px. Fixed location. Eg. Frontpage, 3 Sections, etc.
Embed: Inside the text in 10 latest or selected articles. 500x90 px or by appointment.

Format: HTML5, GIF, JPG,

Top: Kr. 400 per Week (rotation with max. 4 other banners. All pages). Discounts for monthly, yearly agreements.
Right: Kr. 200-600 per. week (fats location, number of sections by agreement)
Embed: Kr. 400 per Week for 10 Articles.

(All prices excl. VAT)


We offer production of simple, fast banner ads in almost all sizes and file formats. Price example:
A web page up to 960x120 px or 250x350 px in gif, jpg or HTML format with 3-6 slides. After presentation from customer. Based on supplied illustrations. Delivery time: 2. days. Banner is delivered to the customer's owner. Price: DKK 1019,00

Net cash 6 days after insertion date.
By 1. a fee of 50 is calculated.
By 2. a fee is calculated on 1,5% per. month after due date.

Use of personal data:
If you receive our newsletter, we will only store your username and email address. Canceling the newsletter will delete all information immediately. Your data is treated confidentially and stored under safe conditions and in accordance with applicable law. Your data will not be delivered to third parties. You can always contact Nordhavn Newspaper if there are questions about the above.

Contact Information:

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Publisher: Bydelsaviserne v. Editor and publisher Lars Greir
Arne Jacobsens Allé 15
DK 2300 Ørestad KBH. S
Telephone: 31 15 30 40
CVR: 29253315
Bank account: Danske Bank 9541 4777123424

Technical Information: Nordhavn Avis is a six-column tabloid newspaper. Full page: 365 mm height. Maximum slit height: 354mm. Here are the slit widths:
Column width, 1 sp .: 41 mm
Column width, 2 sp .: 86 mm
Column width, 3 sp .: 131 mm
Column width, 4 sp .: 176 mm
Column width, 5 sp .: 221 mm
Column width, 6 sp .: 266 mm

Printing Method: Offset
Colors: CMYK

Completed ads are received in pdf. Images and illustrations are received in eps, tiff, psd, pdf. Images are delivered in a resolution of 180 dpi in the sizes with which they are to be used. Media is sent by mail or ftp.

Indentation and placement
Deposit dates and placement requests are met to a large extent. If space or other technical conditions so require, Nordhavn Newspaper reserves the right to relocate, forward or postpone ads. If an ordered placement or a desired format can not be met, the ad is placed as best as possible and calculated according to the placement and format obtained. If special technical circumstances so require, the newspaper reserves the right to change a ordered ad format without prior notice. In case of non-finished material, DKK 0,25 is charged. mm to cover production costs. Ads measuring more than 340 mm in height are calculated to full column height.

Errors and omissions associated with Nordhavn Newspaper will be credited. Authorization can never exceed the amount invoiced for the advertisement. Complaints must be made no later than 3 days after the advertiser has received the newspaper with the advertisement. Billing complaints immediately after receipt of the bill. Nordhavn Newspaper is not responsible for any loss the advertiser may suffer from complaints from customers about goods or services that have been advertised incorrectly in Nordhavn Newspaper. This applies to errors that have arisen due to typographical errors, hearing aids, non-indentation or second-week indentation than ordered.

Any ad that, in the discretion of the magazine, may be confused with editorial content, is provided at the top of the page with the word ADDITION, which clearly indicates that it is an ad in style and size. The location is included in the ad measurement.

Refusal of indentation
Nordhavn Avis reserves the right to refuse admission of advertisements that violate applicable laws and regulations or to the interests of readers or the newspaper's interests. Nordhavn Avis accepts no responsibility for the advertising of advertisements that violate the laws.

Terms of payment
Advertisers are billed on the release date and invoices must be paid no later than six banking days after the release date. If the due date has been exceeded without the customer having contacted Nordhavn Avis in order to enter into a new payment agreement, a reminder will be sent with a fee of NOK 50,00 and a payment deadline of five banking days. Rewarding with a fee is then submitted on a weekly basis with a fee of 1,5% of the total price at the due date. After four rewritings, the case is handed over to debt collection.

Offers and prices
Offers on advertising are based on the current Nordhavn Newspaper Price List. The price list is updated on the website. All offers are valid for 30 days, unless a shorter deadline is announced.

Nordhavn Avis reserves the right to archive and publish all editorial content and advertisements in electronic form. Third party filing or commercial copying of content and advertisements for publication or production is not permitted without written agreement with Nordhavn Newspaper.


Mail: contact (at)┃Telephone: 31 15 30 40 ┃CVR 29253315 ┃c / o