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How to crack the Danish cultural codes? Trust!

gertYou just moved to Copenhagen. You have your CPR nr, your yellow card, a place to stay, and you are now ready to meet the Danes and to get the full experience of Danish society. You realize pretty fast that your life in Copenhagen will be different than your life in Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Tokyo or Mogadishu… New culture, unwritten rules… and a society where people rely on each other and the system of the welfare state.

‘How to crack the Danish cultural codes – trust’ is an informal event free of charge for anyone curious about Danish society and who wants to get some basic insider tips on how to discover Denmark through its unwritten cultural codes.

The speaker, Gert Tinggaard Svendsen, Professor Phd., is a Danish research scientist from Aarhus University, who is an expert in trust, reliance and mutual confidence in societies. During this talk he will share his insights about trust aspects of the Danish society. And he will elaborate on why trust can be a valuable asset in societies in general.

Maybe you have noticed that Danish work culture builds a lot on mutual trust and self-initiated responsibility? Maybe you have been wondering why the Danes leave their children in trolleys outside in the open air? And maybe you are wondering about the tax system, the welfare system and how to navigate in a society where solidarity and trust plays an important role?

This event is taking place in a fantastic, historic setting at the Copenhagen City Hall in the conference room ‘Hovedkassen’. Rådhuspladsen 1, 1599 København. VERY IMPORTANT: Entrance to this event is from the backside of the building by the Firestation. You can ask the guard for the direction to the room ‘Hovedkassen’
Saturday 4th of May
14.30 – 15.30: Crash course in cracking the Danish cultural codes (Gert Tinggaard)
15.30 – 16.00: Discussion and talk about integration in Denmark. We invite you for a drink and some snacks.
16.15-17:00: Guided tour at Copenhagen City hall
Please sign up for a ticket here: Tickets are free, but also limited, so please do only register if you are sure to come 🙂


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