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Langelinieskolen celebrated 110 years birthday party


Little Reporter Myra reporting from the birthday party at Langelinieskolen 29th August. The School was founded in 1909

Langelinieskolen with its three buildings as Holsteinsgades skole, Rosenvangsskolen and Kastelsvej together celebrated a birthday party on 29th August 2019.
The building in Holseinsgade is dated back from the year 1909 AD. This makes the official age of the school to be 110 years old.
The staff, students and teachers from the school planned a great celebration in the form of a party.
There was no regular school during the day as everyone was busy getting ready for the evening party. During lunch all students received cake and chocolate milk as birthday treats.
Parents were invited and there were many stalls with interesting activities, food and a live band for our entertainment. The air around was filled with excitement and laughter, where everyone was having a great time. Some of the stall themes were, arm wrestling, aiming the cans, wheel of fortune and many more.

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