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Little reporters visit REPEAT GYM

repeatLittle Reporters Team Dwaj and Myra, met up with Anna Sewell, Centerchef at newly opened Repeat Gym at Østbanegade 12, opposite Nordhavn Station. Anna informed that Nordhavn has been developing a lot lately and is a centre of attraction with all its new construction.

logoIt seemed as a perfect place to open a new gym. Repeat opened its doors on 4th January 2020. Repeat promises to be a gym for everyone irrespective of ones fitness level. With its catchy slogan ”Try us before you judge us”, Repeat marks a difference and brands fitness which motivates and inspires lives of many towards a healthy lifestyle.

repeatRepeat an interesting name for a gym, promotes the idea of repetition which is the key to meeting goals of fitness and training. It stresses more on the process or the journey than just the goal. This is again symbolized in its visual representation where E is written with three dashes. Repeat as a team comprises of Rasmus Ingerslev, Hans-Henrik Moe Sørensen, Peter Rehhoff and Peter Modin who are all founders and partners. Also, it’s the third gym chain that Rasmus Ingerslev has found in Denmark ( fitnessdk, fresh fitness and now Repeat).

We are excited to see how Repeat is welcomed in Nordhavn and continue making more gyms and fitness centers to improve the lives of people, said Anna. “There is a big focus on being healthy and active to have energy for ones everyday life in Denmark.”

Repeat has a lot to offer when it comes to different set ups as in group sessions, classes, individual trainings and even a disco to choose from. For people that enjoy listening to music while working out, Repeat has a disco and a DJ that comes in every Wednesday. Well that is something quite unique! Little Reporters got a tour, to check out the 1300square meteres area, with quality equipment, weight-lifting zone with a capacity of 30 people, activity room, changing rooms. Virtual exercise rooms are equipped with a big screen and last but not the least highly qualified trainers. Anna, also highlighted that Repeat offers special areas for women training.

Little Reporters were excited to get a glimpse of the newly made gym. Everything was shinning and had an air of newness to it. We found the gym to be bustling with energy, a lively place where people were having fun while training. The gym was very well lit-up, with interesting arrangement of lights all around.


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