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Model United Nations (MUN)

modelModel United Nations (MUN) is an academic activity which helps students be aware of current world issues and teaches practical approach to diplomacy.

logoModel United Nations, the program is in the form of a workshop that requires a variety of skills which include but are not limited to debating, writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills. The purpose of this program is to engage students and allow them to have an opinion about current-world issues.
CIMUN was a MUN conference hosted by the Copenhagen International School, Nordhavn. The conference lasted three days. More than 150 delegates showed up, with the majority being from Denmark.
The central theme of the conference was borders, and the goal was to understand the definition of borders. All participants were divided into a committee. Each committee topic was carefully picked, to ensure that in the end, we would hopefully be able to answer the question: What are borders?

Committees and voting
On the first day of CIMUN, the day started with an opening ceremony. Numerous guests participated and gave speeches about their experiences with MUN. After the ceremony, we all went to our committee. I was part of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) where we discussed the LGBTQ rights and came up with some resolutions together.
On the second day of CIMUN, we aimed at finalizing our resolutions for LGBTQ rights and voted on the final resolution. Next, we targeted on our second topic which was illegal drug trafficking. Throughout the day, we discussed the topic and eventually voted on the final resolution. We celebrated our efforts in the form of a social event. This was a great opportunity to meet with other delegates in the conference.

Plenary Session
On the last day of CIMUN, we had a plenary session. In this session, every committee had a joint discussion. During this session, we discussed all the resolutions that had been finalized together in all the different committes. During the plenary sessions, public speaking skills were crucial since we had to make speeches in front of over 150 people! After the plenary sessions, we had an award ceremony where the best performing delegates got an award.

Global issues
Personally, I had a great time at CIMUN. Since it was my first time in a MUN conference, I have come a long way and have learned a lot. I am confident and growing in my awareness about the current world situation.
In a world where globalization is taking over, learning about current-world issues is becoming more and more important. No matter what your job is or will be, you are inclined to meet people from different backgrounds and diverse cultures. No matter what you do, problems halfway across the planet will affect our lives. In MUN you learn about these global issues, and come up with solutions to solve them. MUN allows you to think critically, while also improving life-long skills such as public-speaking and leadership skills, which is why though it may seem hard at first, I would recommend every student to take a risk, and join a MUN conference.

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