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More than Education: Frivilligdagen at KPG

The students of Københavns Private Gymnasium (KPG), are constructively engaged in enriching our high school years with several initiatives.

One such recent initiative organized by our school’s student council was Frivilligdagen Voluntary Service Day.
All of us got an opportunity to volunteer under the themes of sustainability, community and freedom of expression in our school life at the school in Præstøgade.
The day was filled with various activities where students strived to strengthen our school community while positively contributing to the society around them. Inspiration was in the air, with high samarbejde spirits.

Collecting garbage
Under the sustainability theme, the initiative began by collecting garbage from the Northern Harbor area and the beach area around Nordhavn. The idea is to build and create a sculpture with the garbage remains and decorate the school yard.
Students also engaged in cleaning up our school yard area and street around the school. It included creating plant boxes, planting winter plants, cleaning cigarette butts and removing weeds.

Painting the walls
Students were creatively engaged in creating shared space around the school campus. We painted benches with motivational quotes, decorated school walls, study area, canteen, etc to highlight freedom of expression.
I (Tugba) painted walls and decorated our study hall. First, I drew Disney themed characters, because our teacher liked the drawing style. Then, I painted the Disney themed characters.
Other projects aligned under similar theme were baking cakes for a cause, selling t-shirts for the Danish Refugee Council.

Donating to Børnetelefonen
I (Asli Nur) felt very happy after donating 1000 DKK to BørneTelefonen, a calling service for children to find help and guidance.
Some of our friends also got opportunities to assist in preschools/ elementary schools to plan activities for young children, while some visited nursing homes and planned fun events for the elderly.
All in all, students got a taste of life outside school, hands on experience and practical approach to education.

Tugba and Asli Nur are Young Reporters, who were happy to work with ideas for a good cause.
Enquiries and more information: visit or write to

Little Reporter is a creative writing program for children to master the art of content writing using the practical tools of Journalism. In this program, children get opportunities to work around concepts of filming, interviewing, critical thinking, safety on social media and much more. The program aims to motivate children to write with a purpose, build on their research skills and to be critical thinkers. Exploring the concept of Citizen Journalism, children work in close collaboration with the local community. Children’s work will get published in local newspapers to highlight their efforts as well as empower their voice.
Enquiries and more information: visit or write to

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