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New record year for cruises

krydstogtCruise traffic has long been one of the most expansive areas for Copenhagen Malmoe Port (CMP). The 2019 season is no exception.

There was a new all time high with 465 arrivals in Copenhagen, Visby and Malmö.
Copenhagen is and remains the largest destination. Not just within CMP, but in Northern Europe as a whole. When the 2019 season finishes, the city will have received 350 arrivals. According to a news alert on

Ever larger ships
During 2020, Copenhagen is expected to receive about the same number of arrivals as in 2019. The number of passengers will nevertheless increase by about 100,000 as the ships are getting larger. This means that for the first time CMP is expected to welcome one million passengers in Copenhagen alone.
In CMP, they are also very pleased with the development in Visby on the island Gotland, where the harbour had 100 arrivals. The year before it was 70. The development will continue in 2020 when Visby will receive a total of 136 arrivals.

Sustainability issues
In May, CMP and 29 other cruise destinations presented a manifesto with the aim of reducing emissions in ports and port cities in the Baltic region. In parallel, environmental management has developed in Copenhagen.
”We now only use electric-powered forklifts on the quays and new technology has made waste treatment more efficient, cutting the amount of transportation. These two initiatives thus produce less emissions,” Henrik Ahlkvist, Head of Cruise & Ferries within CMP, reports.
Still, the ferries use their own diesel engines to produce energy when in harbour. The owner of CMP is By & Havn, the City & Port development company in Copenhagen. Together with the Municipality of Copenhagen, By & Havn is working on a solution, that will provide the ships with landbased electricity. Expected to be in effect 2021.

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