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Upcoming festival for childrens literature

littleLittle Reporters team visited Mikael, and Pia at Østerbro Library to get insights into planning and preparation for the upcoming Children’s Literature Festival. 

logoWe met up with Mikael Hillmann, Pia From Michelsen and Mathilde Skjoldgaard Fjeldsøe and were delighted to get updates about the “Big Book Festival”- “Vi Elsker Bøger”. 

during the festival, all public libraries in Copenhagen are jointly planning activities around books and literature.  Invitations have been sent out to children’s writers such as Benni Bodker, Thomas Brunstorm, Anna Sofie Hammer, etc. who will be participating in the event. 

Last year’s program was a huge success and we are looking for a great one this year too, said Mikael promisingly. 

Activities will take place simultaneously in all public libraries in Copenhagen. Last year Jennifer Bell, a renowned British author came to our event to speak about her books. Little Reporters had covered that event.

Highlighting some of the activities, Mikael threw light on the read-a-thon. 

We also have a read-a-thon where children can stay up the whole night and read until they fall asleep. This event is for teenagers. 

It seems like a great opportunity to have undisturbed, endless hours of reading for children who are passionate and want to make new friends from the neighborhood. Little Reporters really liked the concept and are looking forward to participate in the read-a-thon.

Behind the scenes
We were very curious to understand all that was happening in the background. Mikael and Pia spoke about the promotional strategy they are currently using to promote the event. We were happy to learn about the Family Club, which is a Copenhagen Public Library Culture Initiative for international families. 

International events are promoted though this as well as Copenhagen Library’s main page. Pia added we also partner up with International House.

Transforming libraries
We gained insights into how the library has been transforming from a quite reading place to borrow books and DVDs into a creative space with a lot of positive energy. It was interesting to learn from Mikael and Pia about their partners, we also partner up with local organizations that conduct various events, for instance we have Monkey Copenhagen doing dance and drama workshop, Art Adventure doing art workshops and Learning Centre offering Code Time: Coding for Children. 

Like Rome was not built in a day, the ongoing process of this change has made the library a place much beyond books, diverse and welcoming to all ages. 

Pia also highlighted the role of volunteers through Family Club. According to her, it was the start point for the library to create international events for children. She informed us about the various events where the volunteers read aloud to younger children. Come fall in love with books and get inspired….. public libraries in Copenhagen extend the invitation to all…. come and join the fun fest.

Children’s Literature Festival takes place 23rd to 29th March 2020.


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